Shovel (Steel ST60)

Spade No.3 is made of alloy steel sheets and is out under hardening operations in salt baths. Due to the influence of special elements, the steel surface becomes highly resistant to abrasion.

Then the spade undergoes special heat treatment to acquire desirable flexibility without losing its hardness. At the end of the production process, the product is conveyed to quality control unit for mechanical tests and after quality confirmation goes to the packaging unit to be supplied to the market. As the size of this spade is larges than Spade No.2, it is usually used in works which need larger scale soil operations.

For example in farming works where the soil is soft or sandy, this spade reveals a high efficiency.? The same as other products, this spade also enjoys 2 years warranty of exchange or full refund of price. As it is of larger dimensions, the sheet used in its production is of a special type to be light-weighted while providing desirable physical and mechanical specifications. The design is so as not to tire the worker. This spade is supplied in 20-pcs gunny bags labeled with specifications of the producer.