Shovel Manufacturer in Iran

Cabin Steel Company was established on 15000 square meters area in Hamedan, Airport Blvd., Tehran Road and started its operation on September 11, 1979 in three working shifts with 70 personnel.

In 1998, the Company changed its production lines and, after acquiring required licenses from Industry and Mines Department of Hamedan province, purchased and installed advanced machinery and equipment of drip plating in the capacity of 700 tons for two working shifts and also advanced plating and hardening facilities in the capacity of 800 tons. In 2001, Cabin Steel managed to obtain two International Quality Assurance Certificates from the IEC Company of England and BQR of America.

As a result of the diligence and hard work of directors and experts of this Company toward improving the quality of products and getting a larger share of the domestic market, this Company obtained two certificates of ISO 9001/2000 from IMQ and IQNET of Italy. A variety of products has been one of the goals of the directors. Therefore, Cabin Steel purchased chain weaving, net weaving, and barbed wire weaving machines from Italy to be able to supply products of a superior quality and attract the satisfaction of its customers by the use of the best raw materials available in domestic and international markets and as a result of the efforts and endeavors of all its personnel.
The capabilities and facilities of the CabinSteel include 5000 square meters buildings for different production units of various process, one office building with service and four independent offices next to the production hall, quality control laboratory, training center, personnel restaurant, and sanitary services, guesthouse with full comfort facilities, different types of German, Romanian and Chinese press machines, different German tools and instruments, five furnaces for various hardening and plating operations of automobile parts and other parts, one forge and heat treatment furnace and four sandblast units.

Cabinsteel started its expansion in 2018 through an international marketing and sales campaign.  Germany was chosen as Cabinsteel’s first international location because of its central position in Europe as well as its abundant human and industrial resources. The company’s next goal is to expand its outreach to North America, where Canada has been selected as its next target country. Cabinsteel began working towards this goal in 2019.

Listed below are examples of equipment and machines used at the company:

  • More than eighty-five different types of industrial hydraulic and mechanical press machines, varying in tonnage from 5 to 650. These machines are used for different purposes such as: Cutting, forming, and expanding (stretching) up to 25 millimeters of thickness.
  • Over eight guillotine, break-press, bending , roll forming , used for cutting and forming alloy steel up to 8 millimeters of thickness.
  • Over twenty-eight specialty machines for manual machinery including universal milling and turning machine in various scales, flat magnetic grinders, radial column and workshop drills, band saws and friction saws, electric discharge sparks,… applied for all kinds of machinery and metal molding services.
  • Five CNC machines in different sizes, capable of high precision machining (inner and outer).
  • Powder static and immersion color line with coverage of 1000  in a day.
  • Hot forging line used for production of pieces up to 2.5 kgs.
  • The line of heat treatment operation, annealing, tempering and carburizing using more than ten furnaces with a capacity of 2 tons in a day.
  • Over fifteen surface engineering machines for restoration of defects and surface exfoliation such as sand blast, shot blast, dry and wet vibration, polish machines and surface micron excision and….
  • Over twenty-five spot welding machines in different varieties and capabilities for connecting of all kinds of steel pieces.
  • Electromagnetic thermal operation furnace with laboratory applications for laboratory testing.
  • Various test and control equipment such as: fixed and portable sclerometers, manual and digital measuring equipment, all kinds of control gages, testing machines for destruction and strength testsing.