Industrial chain

The raw material for industrial chain is either high-carbon or low-carbon wire depending on the intended application and customer's order. The chains can be supplied with white or yellow galvanized coating.

Cabin Steel is capable of producing chain from wire diameter of 10 to 13 mm in white galvanized, yellow galvanized or uncoated forms. Thanks to the advanced technology of the production machinery, the appearance of the chain including size, bend radial and other parameters can be changed as desired by the customer. The wire used in these products is of the main products of the Company.

The heat treatment and hardening operations are carried out inside the Company premises in full compliance with technical and engineering standards. The hardening and stretching operations inside the Company contribute to the high quality comparing with similar products. Depending on their application in the industry, chains are produced in ordinary, alloy, white galvanized and yellow galvanized forms and are supplied to the market in 20 and 25 kg gunny bags.