Shovel (Steel ST60)

The raw material used for this product is steel sheet hardened in salt baths during the production process. The product then undergoes special heat treatment to acquire proper flexibility while maintaining appropriate hardness. The major applications of this spade in Iran are in brick furnaces, mines, and mining industries. In other countries, this spade, the same as spades no. 2 and 3, is used for farming and construction works as well.

As the name of the product signifies, this spade has a longer neck to protect the wooden handle from burning in furnaces or other places of high temperature. For the same reason, its production is more difficult and expensive. The long-neck spade, the same as other products of this Company, has identification number and is traceable. It also has 2 years warranty of exchange or full refund in case of any defect or failure detected in the spade.